The Periscope is a revolutionary, award-winning microphone with a built-in compressor. From drum rooms to acoustic guitars, The Periscope is unique in sound profile and design — adding instant, full-bodied flare to all your audio projects.

Capture great sound -
Change emotions

great sound -
Change emotions

Music is better when it sounds better. Sound is emotion. We figured out how to get immediate and consistent results from a single, revolutionary microphone. With The Periscope’s unique sonic signature, you can add beautiful depth to your mix, effortlessly, just by plugging it in and recording. The Periscope’s circuitry and capsule have been preconfigured — giving you the same audio characteristics every time — so you don’t have to worry about compromising your creative flow.


Drum Mix The Periscope

Cross-O-Fader 3000

No tweaking -
just pure character

The Periscope was designed with simplicity in mind. No endless tweaking, seeking for “magic settings” or trying to find sweet spots to land your sound. Just plug in The Periscope and get killer character right off the bat.

Plays well
with others

The Periscope won’t bark at strangers. Use it as a standalone mic or blend it with others to add tonal balance and maximum impact to your mix.

Not a
one trick pony

Strings. Guitars. Pianos. Vocals. Native Indian drum circles! The Periscope’s unique technology makes it the most versatile character mic on the market. Feed The Periscope any audio you’d like, and it will deliver the same sonic signature with total reliability — time after time.

We can brag -
a little

It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. The Periscope is loved by some of the hardest hitting producers, sound engineers and sonic creators on the planet:

Vocal (heavy af)

AKG™ 414 ULS The Periscope

Cross-O-Fader 3000


Because the compressor variables in The Periscope are fixed, you get the same full-bodied sound out of the microphone every time. No fine-tuning. No wasting time — and no fussing with complicated recording chains.

We don't
build bullshit

We don’t have time to build & sell bullshit. The Periscope’s unique technology completely changes the way emotion is captured through sound. Every Periscope is hand-built in Finland by qualified grown-ups, giving you unprecedented quality in sound every time you plug it in.

Acoustic Guitar

AKG™ 414 ULS The Periscope

Cross-O-Fader 3000

Pretty &
steampunk AF

Aesthetics are important, that’s why our Periscope is pretty AF. We’ve designed it with a bit of retrofuturistic flare to add elegance to your recording space.


Our goal was to blend simplicity with great sound. We want our customers to be able to capture a signature sound that would be difficult to replicate with a complicated recording chain — saving time and sanity before getting to the mix.


Capsule type: Electret condenser
Capsule diameter: 10mm
Polar pattern: Omni
Frequency response: 20-16000Hz
Dynamic range: Adequate
S/N ratio: Adequate
Power requirements: 7mA @ 48V (phantom)
Weight: 500g (roughly a pound)
Dimensions: 245 x 90 x 35mm / 9.6 x 3.5 x 3.7″


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