GET CREATIVE with The Periscope Microphone

The PERISCOPE is a new ground-breaking microphone for creative recording – the world’s first condenser microphone with a built-in compressor, which records sounds in a way you haven’t heard before.

It is a hand-crafted, versatile, solid tool for creative recording, engineered to perfection in Finland for both music professionals and home studio enthusiasts.

The PERISCOPE is a omni-condenser microphone with a BIG character. Its capsule with full frequency response captures sounds in every possible detail and passes signal to a built in compressor that gives the mic its unique fingerprint.

USED BY Legendary Producers and Engineers

The Periscope’s incredible list of users already include some of the best sound explorers out there: from electronic music pioneers Chemical Brothers and legendary producer Butch Vig (Nirvana, Garbage, Foo Fighters) to new generation Emmy and Grammy winner engineers like Ricky Damian (Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga) and Francesco Donadello (Chernobyl OST, Johann Johannsson), from the king of BIG sounds Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Kyuss, Melvins) to drummer extraordinaire Alex Reeves (Elbow, Bat for Lashes, Dizzie Rascal).

WHAT THEY say about The Periscope

“This microphone has an extremely unique sound for wide variety of uses.
But let me be clear, it is far from a one trick pony.”

“With its built‑in compressor set to ‘smash’, the Periscope earns its place in more sessions than you’d think.”

“You’ll find yourself leaving it permanently set up so that you can hear, at the press of a button, what it brings to any given session.”

Instant charmer!
In combination with more sonically pure mics it lends a touch of character and warmth — instant parallel compression!

“It’s not just a mic, it’s a whole signal processing chain.”

SEE Periscope in action

HEAR Periscope in action


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