What kind of mic is the Periscope?

Periscope is based around a condenser capsule with omnidirectional pickup pattern.
The rest of the microphone is a brand new concept and required bespoke electrical design.

Is the Periscope a clone?

Not at all. Although it’s drawing inspiration from several units (not strictly microphones) from the past Periscope is a 100% new design and as far as we know a microphone like Periscope never existed.

Is the Periscope just another LoFi mic?

Periscope is neither HiFi or LoFi.
Most LoFi microphones rely on limited bandwidth capsules (generally dynamic, carbon, piezo, etc..) and because of this they all tend to be variations on “Telephone” or “Vocal Through an Amp” sounds.
On the other end HiFi mics use as-flat-as-possible capsules (or ribbons) and super-linear circuits.
Differently the Periscope employs a full range condenser capsule that feeds a bespoke circuit studied NOT to be linear in both frequency and dynamic domains. All housed within the mic body itself. It’s pretty awesome!

What’s Periscope Frequency response?

Frequency range is wide enough to let all your signals through: from kick drums to tambourines.
This said – even though Periscope is not a LoFi mic – it’s also definitely not an audiophiles’ piece.
In other words: expect excitement not linearity.

What application is the Periscope intended to be used for?

Being a non-linear response mic the Periscope can give great – and sometimes very unexpected – results on a very wide range of recordings: drums, piano, acoustic guitars, brass, woodwinds, percussions, strings… What we recommend is to be curious with it.
Stick it in front on anything that produces a sound vibration and see what comes out!

Can I use it on loud sources?

Of course you can. Capsule and circuit can handle plentiful amount of sound pressure but be aware that due to circuit design the distortion factor will be quite noticeable :D

Can I use it on quiet sources?

Due to its “sound-magnification” effect Periscope can give exceptional results on quiet sources such as acoustic guitars, toy piano, violins and so forth. You can think of it as an “intimacy multiplier”. Noise floor can be noticeable but we made our best for that not to be an issue on most cases.

Does the Periscope need phantom power to work?

Yes please make sure you use a modern phantom power supply (preamp or external box) with 48V@10mA

When and where Periscope is available?

We are currently manufacturing the mics and they will be shipped by the end of October 2020.  Join our newsletter to receive all the updates.

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