Danton Supple Periscope Sound Experiments

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Readtime: 2-3min

Top record producer shows us his unusual microphone placement to satisfy your thirst for sound exploration. The ultimate traveling without moving experience. watch the video on YouTube! 

Danton Supple is not your average run of the mill record producer.

Producer, Mixer, engineer and overall insatiable sound explorer. Danton spends his days working in numerous studios around the world, with artists from many countries. He also systematically flies back to East London to work in his beautiful studio at Strongroom. He is also the co-founder of the band Hydra.

Danton really needs no introduction. His credits include Elbow, Morrisey, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay. For Danton it’s always about the vibe and feel of a song. He works very precisely yet quickly when setting up in the studio and always looks for that immediate sonic excitement. 

Danton is not short of choices when it comes to gear and microphones. His Studio in East London boasts a Calrec Q Series Console, an insane number of microphones (U47, U67, U87 you name it) and more gear than you can shake a stick at. With these tools, he can imagine and create a new sound palette every time a new artist comes in. This makes every day sculpturing sound a fun and exciting activity.

He is also well known for his musical ear, testimony of that is the long string of credits under his belt, most of which as producer and mixer. 

Traveling for Danton is a pleasure as well as a way of discovering new talents, musical styles and working on new music. His talent does not need to be checked in at the airport but his gear does. Luckily enough for him most of the studios he works at have a good selection of gear and microphones. 

Sometimes Danton records in a space that is not necessarily a recording studio. He then needs to take the right type of gear with him and it all needs to operate from a minimalistic set up: a portable interface, a laptop and some key microphones.

For Danton getting a set of Periscopes means he no longer needs to pack more gear than he needs to maintain his sound palette, but also he can continue experimenting without relying on what he finds on site once he gets there.

The Periscope is now his go-to microphone to get an inspiring and unusual sound behind a piano or in an hallway between the live room and the control room, creating an exciting new sound to feed the musicians with as well as being the DAW track that can be manipulated later. 

The Periscope is instant excitement and throws you into an unexpected sonic space that can inspire ideas and performances ”.

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