The Periscope

The Periscope

The Ultimate Character Microphone

A condenser microphone with built-in compressor great as a room microphone for that signature squashy pumping and breathing drum sound, or as a close mic for more character and sweet distortion.

With The Periscope’s unique sonic signature, you can add beautiful depth to your mix, effortlessly, just by plugging it in and recording.



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Money Back Guarantee

24 Month Warranty

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Free Worldwide
Express Shipping

All kinds of taxes, duties and waiting sucks big time. Therefore, the Periscope is delivered straight to your doorstep via DHL Express Service, and it won’t cost you a single penny. We take care of all taxes, duties and headaches. Approximate delivery times:
  • Europe (inc UK), USA (East Coast) and Canada (East Coast): 1-2 days
  • USA (West Coast) and Canada (West Coast): 2-5 days
  • The rest of the world: 5-14 days

100% Money

Not quite sure if The Periscope is your cup of tea? You shall not fear! You can return your mic within 14 days of its delivery date and get refunded no less than 100%. No questions asked, no bullshit served.

24 Month

We don’t serve bullshit. The Periscope has two years limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase. We will repair, replace, or refund any damaged Periscope microphones if that damage is the result of a defect in our material or workmanship.

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